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Six Side Effects of Taking the Birth Control Pill
1 week ago
The Birth Control Pill (also simply called The Pill) is a medicine that contains hormones, which can help prevent pregnancy by obstructing the process of fertilization. With an effectiveness rate of 95-99%, it is one of the best modes of contraception available today. However, it comes with its own set of negative implications. Here are six common side-effects of taking the birth control pill.
Intermenstrual bleeding : It is common to experience vaginal bleeding in between periods, as you start taking the pill. It might happen as th...Read More
Best Mobile Phones with 8GB RAM to buy in July 2019 (Asus 6Z - Nubia Red Magic 3 - OnePlus 7)
1 week ago
Looking for a smartphone with more power than an entry-level laptop? Here's our list of the best smartphones with 8GB RAM or more that you can buy right now.
In recent times, smartphones have become as powerful (if not more) than entry-level laptops. With over 8GB of RAM, there is plenty of power at hand to play games and perform heavy tasks. Even mid-range smartphones under Rs 25,000 come with up to 8GB RAM. As you move towards premium segment, you can get smartphones with 8GB RAM and more. If you’re on the lookout for a powerhouse of a d...Read More
How to know if you are been Blocked on WhatsApp
2 months ago
Today, we chat, send voice notes, even make video calls with our friends and family using WhatsApp.
The platform is extremely useful, and just like all messengers, it also offers a 'block' button, which people use to avoid spammers or contacts bothering them, say like an annoying ex.
Now, if you think someone may have blocked you, here are some ways to be sure.
Look at the tick of delivery : WhatsApp doesn't push 'blocking notifications', which means you can't really know when a user chos...Read More
6 tips to beat the summer heat
1 month ago
The summer has hit the top gear!
Among other problems, the dry and warm season is a virtual invitation to a number of health issues, like sunburn, dehydration, heat stroke, eye damage, diarrhea, flu etc.
However, with a healthy diet and lifestyle, you can keep risk of these diseases at bay.
Here are 6 tips to help you stay protected from summer heat.
Exercise regularly; Get proper rest
Exercise: The soaring temperatures and dry weather might make it difficult to build an exercise regi...Read More
5 Natural Home Remedies for Great Hair Growth
1 month ago
Everyone desires long, shiny, and beautiful-looking hair.
Some of the most problematic and frustrating hair health issues are dandruff and hair fall. To deal with them, one needs to be consistent with their hair-care regimen.
Although there are many ready-made hair care products available, natural home remedies are always better. Here are top five natural home remedies for great hair growth.
If getting your hands and hair a little messy for a while doesn't sound like a problem, then go for yogurt.<...Read More
Five myths about weight-loss busted
1 month ago
Trying to lose weight and getting into shape is always a good idea.
However, not every piece of weight loss advice is good advice. Some of these commonly-held 'beliefs' need to be taken with a pinch of salt.
Also, it is advisable to consult a trusted dietician beforehand.
Here are 5 common weight-loss myths floating around, that need to be busted immediately.
Myth: Many smaller meals are better than few big ones
It's commonly believed that one should go for a number of smaller meals throug...Read More
Apple launches iOS 13 - New OS for iPads and MacPro and more at WWDC 2019
1 month ago
Apple has just announced what can be called as the biggest software push in past many years across platforms in the form of iOS 13, macOS 10.15 Catalina, tvOS 13 and watchOS 6. All these operating systems bring in several new features, including and some much-awaited ones.
While the tvOS 13 comes with a couple of highlighted features including Apple Music support and the much-required multi-user support for personalised recommendations, the watchOS will soon make Apple Watches more independent with a dedicated App Store.
Apple’s watchO...Read More
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