Five ways to gain healthy weight quickly and safely

In a health (read appearance) conscious society, where everyone is obsessed with losing weight and getting as slim as life permits, there are some who'd like to gain a bit of healthy weight.

If you're clinically underweight, or want to gain some healthy weight, a good diet and healthy lifestyle are a must.

Here are five ways in which you can gain healthy kilos.

#1 Forget junk food; follow a healthy, nutrient-dense diet

In simple terms, if you want to gain weight, you need to add up more calories than you burn.

But that doesn't translate to eating anything that comes to sight.

Make sure to follow a healthy and balanced diet, rich in a variety of nutrients, including whole grains, fruits, veggies, dairy products, lean protein, nuts and seeds.

Forget all about junk food.

#2 Eat smaller meals, but more frequently, this improves digestion

You may believe that eating large meals is the go-to method to gain weight, but that's not how it works.

In fact, when you are underweight, you may feel fuller faster.

To deal with this, make sure you eat a number of smaller meals throughout the day.

It is advisable to break your daily diet into five-six smaller meals.

This will also improve digestion.

#3 Mind your drinks: Drink calorie-dense beverages during or after meals

When trying to gain weight, avoid diet sodas and other such low-calorie drinks.

Instead, go for filling, calorie-rich beverages such as smoothies, shakes, or other liquid meal replacements.

However, also pay attention to when you take your fluids.

Having a drink before your meals might make you eat less of solid food.

So, try having your drinks preferably during or after your meals.

#4 Exercise: It will build muscles, and also promote appetite

It might sound counter-intuitive, but exercising, especially strength training on a regular basis, will go a long way in helping you gain healthy weight.

It will give you muscle mass, and promote healthy weight gain.

Not just that, regular exercise will also stimulate appetite, and make you eat more often.

However, don't overdo it- or you may lose all the extra calories you're eating.

#5 Healthy snacking: Eat filling snacks in between meals

Your diet isn't just about the meals that you eat - it involves everything you decide to pop into your mouth through the day.

So, make sure to pay proper attention to what you eat in between your meals as well.

Stick to healthy snacking- have nuts, cheese, dried fruits, avocados, and other healthy snacks, more often.

And stop munching those potato chips already!



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