Will cricket finally be a part of Olympics

Cricket is one of the few major sports which is not played in the Olympics.

While it was played in the 1900 edition of the games, it has never been played ever since.

However, it could all change come 2028 as the ICC is pushing for the game to be included during the mega event in Los Angeles, USA.

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Strong progress Mike Gatting confirms of strong progress regarding inclusion

MCC World Cricket Committee Chairman Mike Gatting has confirmed that progress has been made regarding the inclusion of cricket in the event with the ICC's Chief Executive Manu Sawhney.

Interestingly, the Indian board has shown great interest regarding the same.

"That's what they're working towards at the moment and that would be a huge bonus for cricket worldwide, it would be fantastic," said Gatting.

Two-week scheduling once every four years not a headache: Gatting

"You're going to have- one hopes- a four-year period, once you know you've been accepted into the Olympics, that gives you a chance to actually shape your two weeks, so it's not as if it is butted into the schedule," added Gatting.

2022 CWG Inclusion of women's cricket in 2022 CWG to give edge

Gatting also referred to the inclusion of women's cricket during the 2022 CWG, which is likely to give a boost to the sport.

While he expects a statement from the organizing committee in a couple of days, he feels the confirmation would give an edge to the sport.

"We're hoping they're going to get the nod on that, which will be fantastic," continued Gatting.

BCCI-NADA Gatting backs BCCI's decision to work with NADA

Gatting also welcomed the BCCI's move to work with NADA, which would help it improve its doping policy, and in turn, could help the sport's Olympic bid.

"That will help a long way towards the sport being whole, which is what we need it to be to apply for the Olympics, both men and women to play and all countries to comply," concluded Gatting.

Author's take Inclusion of cricket in Olympics to give a new identity

This certainly comes as great news for the cricketing fraternity.

Moreover, the backing by India is certainly to boost its inclusion in the sporting mega event.

Furthermore, the author feels that the inclusion of the sport in the Olympics is sure to give it a new identity, and more sporting nations could take the sport seriously.



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