4000mAh Battery Charged In 17 Minutes (Twitter prank is locking users out of their accounts) Huawei Gentle Monster on camera-less smart glasses look fashionable

The company has unveiled its 100W charging technology, and it’s super freaking. The Xiaomi 100W super-fast charging technology can charge a 4,000mAh device from 0 to 100 in just 17 minutes. It has beaten the second fastest charging technology, Super VOOC from Oppo by a massive margin. The latest Twitter prank is locking users out of their accounts and Huawei wasn't satisfied with only unveiling the P30 and P30 Pro, as well as the FreeLace earphones at its big event today. The company has also added a couple more options to its Watch GT family of smartwatches - the Active and Elegant editions  - Huawei is working with Gentle Monster on camera-less smart glasses that look fashionable.

1. 4,000mAh Battery Charged In 17 Minutes: 5 Impressive Facts About Xiaomi’s 100W Charger

Is this a revolution in the batter and power segment? Has Xiaomi really cracked the code?

. World’s First 100W Charger: Xiaomi 100W Fast Charger

The Xiaomi 100W charger is the world’s first 100W charger. The Xiaomi charger can juice up a device from 0 to 100 per cent in just freaking 17 minutes. The company released a video comparing it with a Oppo device being charged by a Super VOOC charger.

The Oppo device with a 3,700mAh battery only managed to charge around 65 percent in 17 minutes.

. Xiaomi 100W Fast Charger: Twice As Fast As Oppo’s Super VOOC Charging Technology

Xiaomi has claimed that it’s 100W fast charging technology is almost twice as fast as Oppo Super VOOC fast charging technology. Previously we tested the Oppo Find X, and it took a little more than 35 minutes to finish with a 3,730mAh battery under the hood.

. Redmi Will Mass Produce 100W Xiaomi Fast Chargers

Xiaomi recently separated Redmi to label it as an independent sub-brand. The new company will now only be focusing on budget flagship smartphones. Redmi will be the first to mass produce the 100W Xiaomi fast charger.

. 100W SuperCharge Turbo: Xiaomi’s 100W Charging Technology

Xiaomi will be officially calling it’s superfast charging technology as 100W SuperCharge Turbo. The Xiaomi 100 SuperCharge Turbo feature may debut today with company’s Mi Air notebook. The charger will be able to deliver 100W charge at a current and voltage rating of 5A and 20V respectively.

. Xiaomi’s First Big Breakthrough In Fast Charging Tech

Xiaomi has been way behind with it’s fast charging tech till now. The recently launched Xiaomi Mi 9 came with a 27W fast wired charger. The company though ships a bundled 18W power adapter only. It’s 100W SuperCharge Turbo feature will soon bring Xiaomi to the bigger picture again.

2. The latest Twitter prank is locking users out of their accounts

@TwitterSupport felt it necessary to warn users about a prank going around that is resulting in people being locked out of their accounts. The prank in question claims that changing your Twitter birthday to any day in 2007 will unlock a hidden color schemes menu in the Twitter app.

Of course, when you do this, you essentially tell Twitter that you are under 13 years old and are immediately locked out of your account since Twitter requires users to be 13 years of age.

The process of regaining access to your account involves going through a process to prove your actual age. For this, you have to reach out to Twitter Support and provide a government-issues identification document to prove your real age, as The Verge points out.

Twitter Support tweeted that users who were locked after changing their birthday should follow the instructions that were sent (presumably to the user’s registered email) soon after the change was made. If you’ve fallen for this Twitter prank, welcome to the internet in 2019.

3. Huawei Watch GT gets Active and Elegant editions

Huawei wasn't satisfied with only unveiling the P30 and P30 Pro, as well as the FreeLace earphones at its big event today. The company has also added a couple more options to its Watch GT family of smartwatches - the Active and Elegant editions.

Huawei has sold over a million Watch GT units so far, since the initial announcement last year, making this its best-selling smartwatch ever. And now the family is growing to further drive those sales.

The Active edition has the same 46mm watch face as the Watch GT Classic and Sport, while the Elegant edition has a smaller 42mm size and a ceramic bezel option. The Watch GT Active comes with a 1.39-inch 454x454 AMOLED touchscreen, and the Elegant features a 1.2-inch 390x390 AMOLED panel.

Like the Sport and Classic editions, the Huawei Watch GT Active has two-week battery life with "typical use" that includes all day wear and heart rate scanning active, the "scientific sleeping function" working at night, 90 minutes of exercise per week as well as notifications popping up when you get them on your phone. The Elegant edition, in the same scenario, will last up to a week. If you use it without exercise tracking "in a more traditional watch scenario", the company says you should expect 30 days of battery life.

The new Huawei Watch GT Active and Elegant editions feature Triathlon mode, with three types of workout supported under this umbrella: open water swimming, outdoor cycling, and outdoor running. The smartwatch will record the entire triathlon from start to finish, including your transition times. Triathlon mode is coming to the Watch GT Classic and Sport in the future with a software update.

The Watch GT Elegant edition will be available in Magic Pearl White and Tahitian Magic Black Pearl. For straps you get black and white, while for the Active edition you can choose between orange and dark green.

The new watches incorporate GPS, Bluetooth, and they both have an accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, optical heart rate sensor, ambient light sensor, and a barometer. They work with phones running Android 4.4 or later, and iOS 9 or later, and are 5ATM water resistant.

The Watch GT Active will be priced at €249, while the Elegant edition will go for €229.

4. Huawei is working with Gentle Monster on camera-less smart glasses that look fashionable

Huawei's "one more thing" moment at its grand unveiling in Paris was the fact that it's working with Korean luxury eyewear company Gentle Monster on a range of smart glasses.

Before you scream "Google Glass!", or "Snap Spectacles!", know that these will not have any cameras. Oh, and they'll also look like ordinary, and, dare we say it, fashionable glasses. So maybe that will help Huawei succeed where others have failed before?

That remains to be seen - through a pair of these or not. Also up in the air are any details regarding pricing, although they should launch in July. What we do know so far is that the glasses will have a 2,200 mAh battery inside, with support for wireless charging, and a voice assistant built-in. You'll be able to answer calls by tapping the arms of the glasses, which also house directional mics and speakers. The glasses are IP67 water and dust resistant, come with Bluetooth and NFC, and have a USB-C port.



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