Using these apps may get you banned on WhatsApp

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has announced that it is “temporarily banning” users who are accessing WhatsApp via third-party apps. According to WhatsApp, these are unofficial apps developed by third parties that violate the terms of service of WhatsApp. “WhatsApp doesn't support these third-party apps because we canot validate their security practices,” said the company in an official statement. Those who are using these apps have not been banned permanently, however, the Facebook-owned company has advised users to back their chats up and switch to the official app. Using these modified WhatsApp third-party apps may get you banned on WhatsApp.

1. GB WhatsApp

2. YOWhatsApp

3. WhatsApp Plus

4. BSEWhatsApp

5. FMWhatsApp

6. YCWhatsApp

7. OGWhatsApp

8. WhatsApp MA

9. WhatsApp Indigo

10. ZE WhatsApp

11. ASKWhatsApp

12. AZ Whatsapp

13. B58 Bharat

14. Delta WhatsApp

15. FM Whatsapp

16. Fouad Whatsapp

17. GA Whatsapp

18. GB Re mod

19. GB Transparent Prime

20. GB Whatsapp

21. GBWhatsApp Transparent Version

22. GBWhatsApp Unofficial

23. JIMods

24. NO Whatsapp

25. NS Whatsapp

26. Other Mods

27. Transparent Whatsapp


29. WAP WhatsApp

30. WhatsApp B58 Apk

31. Whatsapp Gold

32. Whatsapp Mods

33. WhatsApp Suke

34. Whatsnapp

35. YO Whatsapp



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