WhatsApp tips and tricks - How to enable Touch ID and Face ID on WhatsApp for iPhone

WhatsApp has finally introduced one of the most awaited features of the Facebook-owned messaging app. This new Face and Touch ID feature will let you lock your WhatsApp application on your iPhone 5s and above.

In a bid to provide security and privacy from prying eyes, WhatsApp has introduced Touch ID and Face ID biometrics for iPhone users. From office colleagues to parents to close friends, we interact with almost everybody on WhatsApp, thereby making it a crucial messaging platform for all of us. Needless to say, we would definitely like to save our personal WhatsApp conversations to ourselves.

Currently, we tend to put a fingerprint lock or face unlock on our smartphones to keep our private conversations safe from intruding eyes of our annoying friends but now we can simply lock the WhatsApp application altogether by enabling the new Touch ID and Face ID feature. The latest WhatsApp feature is now available on iPhone 5s or later while on iOS 9 and above starting from today. Sadly, the feature has not been rolled out for Android devices as of now, but once the testing is complete, we shall see the feature on Android phones as well.  Fun2Ind.com

How to enable Touch ID and Face ID on WhatsApp for iPhone

1. Open the WhatsApp application on your iPhone.

2. To enable Touch ID and Face ID feature, head to settings.

3. Then, tap on the Account option and navigate to the ‘Privacy’ button where the Screen lock feature will be available.

4. Then simply turn on Touch ID or Face ID as per the requirement.

5. Further, you can also select the amount of time such as after a minute, 15 minutes or even an hour before the Touch ID or Face ID is prompted after WhatsApp is closed. soas.in

WhatsApp Touch ID and Face ID will work in exactly the same manner as the inbuilt biometrics of your phone operates. The way your phone gets locked after a few minutes, in an identical way, your WhatsApp will also be locked which can then be unlocked either by your fingerprint scanner or Face ID.



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