WhatsApp Switch Feature - Swap Between Voice and Video Calls

WhatsApp Brings Quick Switch Feature – Now Swap Between Voice & Video Calls Instantly! The first major update in 2018 on WhatsApp comes in the form of quick switch feature where a user will be able to switch between Voice and Video calls instantly without disconnecting Facebook owned Whatsapp has been working on the Conference Call feature and Quick Switch feature since last few months, and finally the messaging platform is releasing a new Quick Switch update via their Google Play Beta Program (version 2.18.4). Recently Facebook has also added a new Instagram-Whatsapp feature, where you can directly post your Instagram stories as Whatsapp Statuses.

Directly Switch Between Voice & Video Calls In the latest WhatsApp Beta app for the Android, Whatsapp has introduced their much-asked quick switch functionality. The new feature where users will be able to switch between a voice and video call instantly, meaning a Whatsapp user can now switch to a video call or voice call or vice versa, while on the call itself, and the user will not have to disconnect the call. The Quick Switch feature has been added to the latest WhatsApp Beta 2.18.4 version for Android, which is presently rolling out to the users enrolled in the WhatsApp Beta program.

How To Use Quick Switch Feature? During a call, users will now get to see a new button on your screen. The same button will be visible when you are in a video call, on pressing it, WhatsApp will send a request to the recipient on the other side, asking if the person wants to ‘convert’ the current voice call in a video call or a video call into a voice call. Usually, when two users are in a voice call, and if they want to make a video call, they have to end the voice call, and call again. The new feature will save time, and will be faster. The recipient on the other side, can accept or reject the request for a video all, and if the request is rejected, the voice call will normally continue, or else WhatsApp will automatically switch the voice call into the video call. The new Quick Switch option will be very handy for the users as it will improve the overall experience, will save time and will be a convenient feature.

The Google Duo Copy? The video calling platform from Google, the Google Duo shares a very similar feature, where you can switch between video and voice calls instantly. Additionally the app itself switches to voice call if the data connectivity is poor. Google announced Duo a year back, and it still haven’t been able to grab much of the market yet, and Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger still heads the list when it comes to video calls.

Final Roll Out Whatsapp will now carry out the testing and other checks in the beta version. The final version of the app with the latest feature will take a month or so. Bu, you can use this feature on the Whatsapp Beta version. Both the caller and the recipient should be using the latest WhatsApp Beta 2.18.4 version. WhatsApp will roll out the Quick Switch feature to the Windows and iOS users in the coming few weeks, and Android users will get the feature first on the full version first.



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