Five greatest fights between Batman and Superman

Batman and Superman are two of DC's most iconic characters.

Founding members of the Justice League, the Kryptonian and the caped crusader are great friends.

However, they have had their differences and fought over the years. Typically these fights are like David versus Goliath, where Batman uses his brains and resources to beat the Man of Steel.

Read, five greatest Superman vs Batman fights.

Fight 1 The Doomsday Batman: Ripping out the spine

In comics, Superman once began an onslaught on humanity, being bored.

Batman is humanity's last hope and as the hero wields a kryptonite spear, Superman uses heat vision removing Batman's arm.

However, Batman triggers a Doomsday Virus, which turns him into the Devastator.

Gaining immense strength, Batman as Devastator holds Superman in a crushing grip causing his spine to burst out of his chest.

Fight 2 The most passive aggressive fight between Batman and Superman

Batman and Superman met in Superman: The Animated Series.

Upon meeting, an altercation broke out and Superman used X-Ray vision to discover Batman's identity before being restrained by Batman's bag of kryptonite.

However, not one to be beaten, Batman planted a tracker on Superman to know his identity, and as Bruce Wayne, he even managed to get a date with Superman's girlfriend Lois Lane!

Fight 3 Nearly turning the Red Son to dead son

In Red Son comics Batman fashions himself as an anarchist opposing the totalitarian tyranny of a communist Superman.

He undertakes a task assigned to him by Lex Luthor and the CIA to take down the Kryptonian.

Batman smartly leads Superman to red sun lamps, depriving the Man of Steel of his powers.

He then promptly proceeds to deliver a thrashing of a lifetime.

Fight 4 Making a God remember the man who beat him

In Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, Superman tries to stop the return of Batman as a hero in Gotham.

Batman throws everything at Superman, including a sonic gun and a barrage of missiles.

Ultimately, a timely Kryptonite arrow from Green Arrow helps Batman defeat Superman.

This leads to the chilling lines, "I want you to remember the one man who beat you".

Fight 5 Fighting for his life till the last breath

In Batman: Endgame, the Justice League is infected with Joker Venom and Batman is left fighting for his life in the Justice Buster suit.

The suit, designed to fight the entire league, has red sun knuckle-dusters and plasma shields to deflect heat vision.

However, Superman tears Batman out of the suit.

Batman spits kryptonite gum into Superman's eyes, realizing neither would ultimately win.



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