Now you can control an iPhone using just your eyes

Using eyes to navigate through an iPhone sounds like the stuff of science fiction or something that's really high tech.

But, the fact is, this technology exists today and can be used by anyone to browse the web or apps on an iOS device without using hands.

Here's all you need to know about it.

The folks at US-based Hawkeye Labs have employed 'eye-tracking technology' to launch an accessibility app that lets you use an iPhone using eyes.

The program uses the TrueDepth cameras of the iPhones to follow the movement of eyes and other facial gestures and enable access to different apps.

It's really fun to use and can come in handy for people suffering from motor impairment.

App Hawkeye Labs' tool enables app usage through 'eye-tracking'

Working You will also have the ability to scroll, select things

Going by a demo video released by Hawkeye Labs, the app in question would let you open the web browser of your phone as well as apps like Facebook and Instagram.

The system detects scrolling as you look at the edge of the device, while the selection of an item is done by the way of a smile or an exaggerated blink.

Added capabilities Plus, you could also go back or dictate searches

Among other things, the app lets you go back to the previous page by looking to the left side of the device or to iOS home by looking at the bottom right corner.

It works pretty seamlessly and even provides the option to dictate the text when you have to search for a particular thing or website.

Availability Hawkeye's app is free to download

Any iOS user willing to use their phone through eyes can try this quirk by downloading Hawkeye's app on the Apple App Store.

The app is completely free to download and can be useful for people suffering from physical disabilities or other motor skill impairments.

However, do note that you would need a device with TrueDepth camera, like iPhone X, to use this program.



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