Five best superhero friendships in Marvel Universe

Marvel has one of the most intricate comic universes filled with heroes, villains, cosmic beings and even Gods.

Although heroes and villains are mostly busy maintaining balance in the universe, there is always time for friendships.

Friendships are strongest when forged in fire. Thus it is no surprise that some of the superheroes are best friends.

Read about five best friendships in Marvel Universe.

Friendship 1 Daredevil and The Punisher: Loners find comfort in each other

Daredevil and Punisher don't seem like they might get along. They are loners and do not see eye to eye on how to deal justice.

While Daredevil has a strict no-kill policy, Frank Castle or Punisher is a trigger happy vigilante.

Despite this, they became friends and Punisher once got voluntarily locked up with Matt, to protect him from criminals Matt had put away.

Friendship 2 Luke Cage and Iron Fist: Introducing heroes for hire

Iron Fist or Danny Rand is a great friend of Luke Cage, the bulletproof hero in Marvel.

They have frequently teamed up in comics for the Heroes for Hire title.

Iron Fist often helps his bulletproof friend, using his resources, like whisking him away to China to protect him from Purple Man's wrath.

Apart from such gestures, the two share immense trust and respect.

Friendship 3 Jessica Jones and Captain Marvel: The unlikeliest of friends

Jessica Jones is a superpowered private investigator with alcoholism. Carol Danvers or Captain Marvel is a decorated military officer and an intergalactic hero.

They seem like the unlikeliest of friends. Yet their friendship has blossomed over the comics.

They set each other up on dates and are always making sacrifices for each other.

Captain Marvel was even supposed to be in Netflix's Jessica Jones!

Friendship 4 Iron Man and War Machine: Friendship through the ages

Iron Man or Tony Stark and War Machine or James Rhodes have always been friends.

Ever since Rhodes was in the military and Stark manufactured weapons, the two have been friends.

As War Machine and Iron Man, their bond only got stronger.

From what the comics and films have shown, the two need each other, Stark for tech support, and Rhodes for his morals.

Friendship 5 Captain America and Winter Soldier: Standing the test of time

Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes have been friends since childhood. Bucky stood up for Steve who used to be bullied.

During the war, the former became Captain America, while the latter became Winter Soldier. Despite brainwashing and the time spent apart, their friendship still endured.

They have both made sacrifices for each other.

In comics, after Steve's death, Bucky stepped up, becoming Captain America.



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